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Monday, January 18, 2021

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Hi friends! 👋 

I get asked a lot what programs I use, what products I recommend for a cut, what did I buy in my new gym, etc., so I wanted to put together a quick list of links and recommendations below:

RP Diet App

I use (and have had great success!) with the RP Diet App. In a nutshell, it adjusts your macros based on your fitness goals, schedule, weigh-ins, lifestyle and more. I can't recommend it enough, and know if you're serious about your fitness goals and/or weight loss, you'll love it too!

Benefits of the app:

  • Plans Your Meals
  • Keeps You Alert and Accountable
  • Adapts to your Life and Goals
  • Gives You Overall Control 

Use my discount code JERICKA to save yourself some money!

Click here to join: 

Bonus: You can also use my code for an eBook or new tank too! :) 

*Purchasing Power Abs (50% OFF!)

I love the Power Abs programming! All are 30 days, require 0 equipment and can be done anywhere. They're also yours once you purchase (not subscription based), so you can do them again and again, or try different levels. Descriptions on each are listed below! If you're stuck deciding, I recommend Power Abs to start. You can't go wrong with any of them though! 

Intro to Power Abs    
Think push-ups on a couch, the most basic ab program for beginners

Power Abs 
The original (and most popular!) program

Power Abs 2.0 
Extension of the original Power Abs program

Power Abs for Moms 
Postpartum program

Summer Power Abs 
Specialty program

Extreme Power Abs
Advanced specialty program

Power Abs in the Kitchen (Cookbook)
The Cookbook that goes with it all 

Power Glutes
Tighten, firm and lift your glutes

Tone, strengthen and define your legs

A great addition to any of the Power Abs programs! 

Get ready to take your abs to a whole new level with Patch!

Tighten, strengthen and define your legs using a band! 

High intensity FULL BODY program, in just 10 minutes a day!

Build strength and muscle, in just 10 minutes a day! 

NEW! Low Impact PHIIT (Full body, no jumping)


NEW! Moms Bundle PowerAbs for Moms, PHIIT Mom and PowerAbs in the Kitchen

NEW! Best Sellers Bundle PowerAbs, PHIIT, PowerGlutes

NEW! Strength Builder Bundle PHIIT Strength, Summer PowerArms and PowerGlutes Plus

NEW! 21Strong 21 strong workouts (10 minute working on specific body part, one minute rest, followed by 10 minute high-intensity burn)

Click here to purchase:

Are you energetic, positive, driven and committed?
Click here to sign up to be a Power Abs Ambassador. Let them know Jericka sent you! 

Stainless Steel Bella Bar (Rogue Fitness) 

Half Rack (Rogue Fitness) 

Dumbbells (Rogue Fitness) 

Games Box (Rogue Fitness) 

Echo GHD (Rogue Fitness) 

Bumper Plates (Rogue Fitness) 

Items I also purchased from Amazon:

Squat Pad (Amazon)

Gym Chalk (Amazon)

Exercise Posters (Amazon)

Hand Grips (Amazon)

Gym Bag (Amazon)

Air Pods Pro (Amazon)

Theragun Elite (Amazon)

Wall Ball (Amazon)

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