Five Favorite Items for Fat Loss

Friday, April 2, 2021

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Hi friends! 👋

This post is long overdue, as I have five foundational items that truly made me successful on my 100% compliant fat loss phase, and I'm eager to share them with you! I'm not saying that this is the end all list or that I know everything there is to know about a fat loss phase. I was just very successful and completed the entire 85 days on track, and this is my personal recommendations of what helped me to get there. Excited that you're here, let's dig in! 


If you're focused on body composition goals, there's three different phases to choose from: fat loss, maintenance and weight gain. You're either sticking to your current size, or you're going up or down in weight. Those are your options! 

I wish the fat just melted off me (I can dream, right?) so I tend to go between maintenance and fat loss. I'm guessing that if you're reading this, you probably have dreamt about this too. The goal is to be in maintenance for the majority of your life, and to do a fat loss phase when needed. However, I know when I got started, I had my eye on the prize and already had it mapped out my maintenance, cut, maintenance, cut (which I'm currently on today). If you're doing it right, this is a slow process, so make sure you're enjoying the process of becoming the very best version of you at the same time.


This is such a great question, and one I wish more would ask. If you're wanting to count macros (or calories), most already have a goal of losing or gaining weight. I know I did! I would be lying if I wasn't ready to get in and get going. But here's the thing, most aren't eating what they should be on maintenance. Meaning, your body needs a starting point. Especially if you're like someone like my husband who drinks an energy drink in the morning and can be fine without a meal until dinner. I personally can't function without food, but I know plenty of people who can. Yes, you're in a calorie deficit, however, you're fluctuating so much that there's no true base for your body to start with. Although hard, I always lean towards starting in maintenance. Get comfortable with the process of counting carbs, mixing different foods.. and yes, losing a bit of weight. Get comfortable with eating more, and feeling how your body responds when you're eating the right way. Let your body have a starting point, and then cut. This honestly is one of the hardest things for people to do when they are motivated and ready to lose weight, but I promise you it's the best thing you can do for your fat loss journey. I lost weight starting in maintenance, I could see my performance improving in the gym and it gave me that little boost of "this is working" that I needed in order to continue.


Here's the five (+ an optional bonus) items that contributed to my success. I needed them all, used them all, depended on them all and crushed my goals with them all.

1. Food Scale

If you're like me, eyeballing portions always come out a little on the "too much" side. Using a scale keeps me consistent and on track. I use this scale every single day and LOVE IT SO MUCH! 


2. Meal Prep Containers

I have a million of these! Okay, maybe like 10-15. I have a variety of sizes (we bought the combo pack) and use them for everything. They work great!


3. Crockpot

I cook chicken in my crockpot weekly! It's easy, allows me to mix up the flavor and the chicken always comes out perfectly. 


3A. Crockpot Liners (Optional: Makes clean-up incredibly easy)

Cleaning a Crockpot is daunting. So is leaving it on the counter with soap and water. I promise you, once you use a Crockpot liner there's no going back. They make the whole clean up process a breeze!


4. Bodyweight Scale

A body weight scale is needed on my program to check in a couple times a week so the algorithm can determine what my following week will look like. It's not the only way to track progress, but in my opinion one of the easiest.


5. Pocket Scale

My previous food scale died on me mid-fat loss cut. I was so thankful for my pocket scale that I was able to use in its place until my new one arrived. This is also good to have on hand for eating out or at someone else's home.


Another great question! There's a million options out there, and I believe as long as you are following their specific guidelines you'll probably be successful. I partnered with RP (Renaissance Periodization), because this is the best plan for me. Here's the gist of what the pocket diet coach can do:

Plans Your Meals

The RP Diet App tells you the macros for your upcoming week's meals and you get to choose your favorite foods that fit. You can also make meal prep easier with the auto-generated grocery list feature.

Keeps you Accountable with Alerts

There's notifications on what, how much and when to eat based on what you inputed. The app also reminds you to weigh-in so that the app and you can track and review your progress.

Adapts to Your Life and Goals

Every body is different, and what it needs throughout your specific fitness journey can change. This is why the app will review your progress every week and will give you the option to adjust your diet if you need to.

Gives You Total Control

The app guides you, but you actually have complete control- starting with your fitness goal to whether or not you want to tweak you diet based on their weekly recommendations.

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