Why I Love the RP Diet App

Friday, March 26, 2021

 *I'm an RP athlete, and an ambassador for Renaissance Periodization. At no additional cost to you (just savings!), I receive a small commission if anything is purchased. All comments are 100% my own, and I personally purchase this product on a monthly basis, so I know you're going to love it! For additional information, you can always read additional terms here

Why I love the RP Diet App

Hi family and friends! 👋

I'm so excited to announce that I've joined Renaissance Periodization as one of their ambassadors, better known as RP! So many of you have followed my journey and recent success and have asked how I did it. I've pretty much been talking about RP non-stop since, so you can imagine this is truly a dream come true! I think there's so many individuals this system and lifestyle could work for, so I wanted to provide a high-level overview of what the pocket diet app can do incase you've been contemplating trying it too!


I think it's so important to hear from a busy wife and toddler mom of two, one that does CrossFit on her lunch break, has a corporate career that keeps her busy and still has success with this program. Am I ripped like a lot of the RP individuals who live and breathe athletics and performance? No. I go to the gym for my own personal sanity, to stay fit, to build strength and better my performance. But I'm also guessing if you're reading this, you're probably more like me. Trying to get a work out in when you can, not sleeping as much as you'd like (because well, toddlers), stress over the meeting to come the following week... life is crazy, and that's why having one tool that adjusts your nutrients/macros based on your fitness goals, schedule, weigh-ins and lifestyle keeps me on track with taking care of myself (so I can take care of everyone else).

There's a million dieting options out there, and I believe as long as you are following their specific guidelines you'll probably be successful. I partnered with RP (Renaissance Periodization), because this is the best plan for me. When I decided to come back to RP from their template days (which are still available and widely used if this works better for you!), I did a few things. I read their latest digital eBook front to back to educate me on their scientific methods and strategies, and sat down and contemplated whether I needed a coach. Because a dedicated coach is expensive, I decided to drill down on the new app they created, as it was targeted as a "diet coach in your pocket." The promotion starting price to use the app was much more affordable, so I decided to try it for six months to see if it was something I could be successful using. My life has changed so much since, so I'm so glad that I did!

Why I Love the RP Diet App


RP simplifies your diet, builds sustainable habits and constantly adapts to you and your lifestyle!

You pick the food, they tell you how much and when to eat. Compliance tracking and reminders are in place to hold you accountable. The advanced algorithms adjust to your metabolism and progress, as your body and lifestyle change. They make tracking the right macros and hitting goals so easy! 

What the app can do:

Plans Your Meals

The RP Diet App tells you the macros for your upcoming week's meals and you get to choose your favorite foods that fit. You can also make meal prep easier with the auto-generated grocery list feature.

(I still eat what I want, and they portion it out appropriately based off my goals.)

Keeps you Accountable with Alerts

There's notifications on what, how much and when to eat based on what you inputed. The app also reminds you to weigh-in so that the app and you can track and review your progress.

(There's reminders for my meals and weigh ins so I never miss a check-in.)

Adapts to Your Life and Goals

Every body is different, and what it needs throughout your specific fitness journey can change. This is why the app will review your progress every week and will give you the option to adjust your diet if you need to.

(You can update if you don't work out for the day, body type changes, decide to move to maintenance early, etc.)

Gives You Total Control

The app guides you, but you actually have complete control- starting with your fitness goal to whether or not you want to tweak you diet based on their weekly recommendations.

(I always have the option to stay on track, or maybe if I was off for the week and want to try that week over again- it's completely up to me!)

The RP Diet App is the simplest most effective way to plan and track your food, so if you're at all interested, I encourage you to give it a try! You can't really tell just how amazing the app is until you test it out for a couple of weeks and see just how capable you are at losing stubborn body fat. I surprised myself and I'm sure you will too! 😀

To read my top seven tips for completing your first fat loss phase (and to view pictures of my success), click here.


I'm excited to provide you the same introductory price that I received when I first joined!


To give it a try, you can use the link below to get your first six months for $9.99 (going back to the regular price of $14.99 after the promotional period).


To purchase eBooks, apparel, cookbooks and more on their website, use discount code JERICKA for 10% off at checkout!

If you're already using the app, make sure to add JERICKA in as a referral code to receive upcoming special discounts not available to non-referral code users.

I hope this post was helpful! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The RP app sounds awesome. A lot of times people get frustrated trying to figure out macros of everything they eat. An app that can tell you how many macros and how much to eat is brilliant.

    1. I agree Cindy! I tell them what I'm eating, they tell me how much and when. It has been a complete complete game changer for me.

  2. I've never heard of it - but am now so interested! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I’m intrigued...as I’ve aged, I’ve wondered if following a diet aligned to macros would be better than just tracking calories in/out. So many of the tracking apps can help do that, but don’t seem as robust as this program.

    1. The app is super robust, but also very easy to use! You also get to learn what your body needs in the way of protein, carbs and fat. I always thought I had an issue with too many carbs, but I learned that it's fat that's usually my problem. :)

  4. Diet is such an important part (and the biggest challenge for me) of staying fit and healthy. This seems to take the guesswork out of it! Awesome! Pinned to refer back to! :)

  5. So THAT'S how you do it! Wonderful!! Nice to have it all done for you so you can concentrate on work, kids, workout and living. Will check this out for sure and take advantage of the 10% discount! Thanks for posting.

  6. So THAT'S how you do it! Wonderful!! Nice to have it all done for you so you can concentrate on work, kids, workout and living. Will check this out for sure and take advantage of the 10% discount! Thanks for posting.

  7. I've never heard of this app before, but it sounds super easy to stay on track with your goals!

  8. This is so cool! I hadn't heard of this app before, but will look into it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. RP sounds like a great program, I hadn't heard of it. I am a certified personal trainer and am always on the lookout for apps like these to help my clients outside of our sessions. I may have to give this one a try to see if it would work for them, when I do I'll definitely use your link ��

    Thanks for sharing this ��

    1. You're welcome! Let me know if you end up having any questions. I'm always happy to help.

  10. Cool stuff, I'm wondering if there is also an app for weight gaining 😅


    1. The app has three options: Fat Loss, Maintenance and Muscle Gain (which is listed as wanting to gain muscle while gaining a bit of weight). Check it out! :)