What I Eat in a Day Tracking Macros

Sunday, September 5, 2021 California, USA

Hi family and friends! 👋

I hope you all are having an amazing day and productive week. I recently had a day of downtime, where the kids and I stayed home, caught lizards, splashed in the hot tub and enjoyed all of those toys they only see every so often when we're not running to and from one place to the other. As stir crazy as I can go staying home, I'm currently sitting here listening to giggling at the table, watching out of the corner of my eye them eating their after dinner bowl of cereal, just because. Truthfully, they love it!

I know a lot of people ask what I eat in a day, so I want to try and document my meals every so often for you to get an idea of what my day look like when it comes to food. Today worked out for me to be home for all four meals, so I went for it! 

First, lets go over what my macros are for the day!

Sleep: 7 hours, 30 minutes

Workout: 0

Meals: 4

Protein: 135g

Fat: 45g

Carbs: 20g

Meal One:


Egg Whites

Eggs Whole




Meal tracking macros
Meal One

Meal Two:




Meal tracking macros
Meal Two

Meal Three:

Protein Shake

Wheat Thins

Whey Protein 


Meal tracking macros
Meal Three

Meal Four:




Cherry Tomatoes

Meal Four

Although I wouldn't say this is a typical day (Monday through Friday looks a lot different with workouts and a more routine day), it's good to get an idea of how simple and straight forward it really can be! If the numbers look a little overwhelming, check out the post on Why I Love the RP Diet App, as all of them are factored and edited throughout your journey. You just enter some information to start and each week, and the rest is really done for you. You enter what you want to eat and the app tells you how much (or reminds you just how many carbs are in that item you love). Truly the simplest way to hit your nutrition goals in my opinion.

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment, pin or share. Thanks for helping my website grow. 😁

Chat with you all soon!

How to Make a T-Shirt into a Women's Muscle Tank

Saturday, August 28, 2021


Hi family and friends! 👋

I was at the gym the other day, and I saw two friends with super cute muscle tanks.. that they both did themselves! So it got me thinking, how many shirts in my closet do I not wear because they are boring t-shirts? Which could I make into cute wearable muscle tanks? How the heck do I cut it so it's just as cute?

Muscle tanks have been around forever, however, they've definitely been seen a lot more recently as a cute cover up before workouts or to wear during your workout (me!). I recently purchased a women's muscle tank on Amazon to start wearing to the gym. What I love about it? The color and fabric. What I would change? Arm holes not going out so wide to show side boob and a shorter length. 😂

Because my side boob shows a different color sports bra (not in the cute way), I don't wear it unless to bed. BUT, I still want a cute one! 


First friend: "I did two inches at the top and then kind of winged it"

Second friend: "I did this so long ago"

Final thoughts: I can do it myself, but will have to do by trial and error

So I decided just to take a shirt out of my closet and practice!

Step 1: Grab your supplies

- Shirt

- Scissors

- Tape Measure

- Marker


Step 2: Decide the top width

I chose two inches and marked both sides. I also folded in half to make sure both sides were similar.

Step 3: Figure out how far down on the sides you want the arm holes to go

I wanted them a little bit higher, so I chose to go one inch down from the arm hole seam. I again folded in half to make sure both sides were similar.

Step 4: Start cutting, one side at a time! 

I went down from the top, and then cut in an L shape to the second marker. Don't worry about them being 100% even, as you will also be stretching the arm holes after.

Step 5: After both sides are cut, stretch the armholes out, which causes the new cut to roll a bit. 

Step 6: If you want a shorter length, cut the bottom.

(I skipped this step with my trial and error shirt, but will probably do this in the future.)

Step 7: Wear your new creation with pride! 


Making a t-shirt into a women's muscle tank was actually easier than I initially thought. I hope you have a similar experience! 

3 Tips for Visiting Legoland California

Monday, August 9, 2021 Carlsbad, CA, USA

* I'm not in anyway affiliated with Legoland and didn't get compensated for my trip. We just enjoyed our trip so much that I wanted to share it with friends and family. Information expressed and shared are all my own opinions. Enjoy!

Legoland California sign

We recently took a trip to Southern California to one of their newest most beloved amusement parks, Legoland! Legoland is a little chunk of kid paradise in the city of Carlsbad, California. Growing up going to theme parks in Southern California, I began to wonder why I've never been to this place. Well, it's because it opened when I was a teenager, which in my opinion, is a little out of age range unless you're going with younger children.

I would say Legoland California is perfect for ages 2-9 (we did have a nine year old with us and he did have fun), and offers the right amount of fun, rides and kid exploration for 2-3 days of fun. We bought the Legoland/Aquarium/Waterpark pass staying for three nights, playing two full days- and it was the perfect amount of time! We stayed at the Legoland Castle Resort, just steps from the main entrance of Legoland, California. We had such a great time, so much so that I'd love to share three tips with you if you plan to visit the park soon as well. 😊

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1. Stay at the Legoland Resort

   There's many times you plan a trip, and it's so much less to sleep a few miles away. I do this when I go to Disneyland, and I'm actually not going to do it the next time I visit. Here's why! The hotel is set up to be a secondary park in itself. We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel, and it had a million (okay, maybe a little less) things to do! There's a park that we visited morning, afternoon until well in the evening. They have magic shows, story time and entertainment going on throughout the day on a patch of grass. They have an outdoor movie theater and pool with pool Legos. Inside they have a slide, a throne, and little Lego people throughout. On top of the continental breakfast and on-going activities outdoors, you also get in an hour early into the park. Although not every ride is open right away (at least when we visited), you can start your plan of attack and be one of the first when they do open. We did this both days with Ninjago and rode both times with almost no wait.. like, it took longer to walk through the line than getting on the ride itself.

The room itself has a fun Lego experience and has the whole Lego theme as well. There's a bed for adults, and then bunk beds with a TV around the corner (although mine all piled into one). 😆 

The buffet breakfast, amenities, early park access and how close the hotel is to the entrance is definitely worth it!

2. Visit in the Beginning of the Week

    I'm sure you're thinking that summer is the worst time to travel to a California amusement park. If so, you're thinking the same as my husband was when I told him we were going mid-summer. Lol. His patience is very limited when it comes to waiting for rides! We actually planned this trip around family, as they were visiting the park at the end of July. Even though it could be hot and busy, we jumped on board and purchased tickets for the same days. I'm here to tell you, we didn't wait more than 15 minutes for any ride- most being around five minutes or less! We made sure to hit the most popular rides first thing, and then spent the afternoon visiting the little parks inside, eating and playing various games along the way. We honestly didn't have many issues visiting the main park on Tuesday, followed by the Waterpark on Wednesday. We did the aquarium in the evening on Tuesday, and that was easy (and so much fun) as well. 

There wasn't a line when we arrived to check in, but there definitely was one when we were leaving, so my tip would be to time your trip for earlier in the week if possible.

3. Buy the Legoland/Water Park/Aquarium Pass

    Most amusement parks are now starting to open a water park on top of the normal park, which in California I think is a great idea! We purchased one day at Legoland, one day at the Waterpark and an Aquarium pass. What I love about this is that you're not limited to just the Waterpark for the day! It's in the back corner of the park, and we were still able to ride a few rides we didn't get to the day before, and then get wet for the day. We visited the waterpark for a few hours, played a game or two on the way back to the hotel, slept and then went back out to the park for the last hour and rode five rides before closing! The aquarium itself was so fun, which I wasn't expecting much to be honest. They have little stamp books, so you could see how far you were into the adventure throughout. Each area was well done, and I honestly could have gone through again. This may seem like an add on, but it was actually one of my favorite moments from the trip. Make sure not to skip it!

Legoland California


Monday: Check In

    (Enjoyed hotel amenitites- Pool, Park, Show)

Tuesday: Legoland Park, Sealife Aquarium 

Wednesday: Legoland Park, Waterpark, Legoland Park

Thursday: Checked Out

    (Hotel Amenities)


Deep Sea Adventure
Junior Driving School
Lost Kingdom Adventure
Sky Patrol
Funtown Police and Fire Academy
Beetle Bounce

(Parent's Break)
Hideaways Playground
Coast Cruise


Hunter Steakhouse 
Oceanside, CA

Islands Restaurant 
Carlsbad, CA

Shoobie's Ice Cream 
Carlsbad, CA

I can't wait for you to start planning a visit to this cute little amusement park for your kids in Southern California! Let me know if you have any questions! Or feel free to share some of your favorite tips, food and rides in the comments section below. 

How to Have a Great Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Monday, July 12, 2021 Lake Tahoe, United States

Hi family and friends! 👋🏻

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! I know we are over here. 😎

I recently got back from one of the places I love visiting every year, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is an absolutely beautiful lake, sitting between California and Nevada with more than enough to do for any traveling enthusiast. I've done ski trips, hiking trips, family and best friend trips. I've gone for a bachelorette party, a wedding and a crazy 4th of July boating holiday weekend. I've gone camping, stayed in cabins, hotels and resorts on the North and South shore. It's all breathtaking and worth the trip anytime of the year! Because I know this could be a place you plan to add to your bucket list, I wanted to put together a couple itineraries I've loved! 

First, North and South shore Lake Tahoe are vastly different. For the most part, you'll find a lot more of the fun nightlife and casinos in the South shore, and the more laid back vibe in the North. However, it's easy to travel the lake, so find a spot that suits you and make sure you have a car!

My last trip was a girls trip where we stayed in a cabin in Truckee, California. Truckee is a beautiful little mountain town on the outskirts of Lake Tahoe. They have a cute little downtown and an easy way into the West side of Lake Tahoe. Truckee has cabins, but is also filled with lots of locals, boutique shops and restaurants. Truckee is more North West, so we ventured North clockwise around the lake in the morning down to South Shore our first day. The East side of the lake is more scenic, so it was a beautiful drive down to the casino area. First we did the Heavenly gondola, observation deck, hiking to the roller coaster and then shopping at the bottom. After a great morning, we headed to The Beacon Bar & Grill for a late lunch/dinner and some beach time. We found a frisbee and honestly enjoyed the water until the sun went down, driving the rest of the lake back (with a quick stop at Emerald Bay of course). It was a perfect relaxing girls weekend, and a good way to maximize the weekend in such a gorgeous area! 



- Staying in a cabin or resort

- Camping at Camp Richardson

- Driving all the way around the lake

- Hiking! (Maggie's Peak across from Emerald Bay is a great one if you have 1/2 of a day)

- Heavenly gondola, observation deck, hiking, roller coaster, zip line, tubing, food at the top

- Shopping/eating at the bottom of Heavenly

- The Beacon Bar & Grill, great beach, dock and beach dining

- Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking on the lake (they have clear kayaks you can rent too)

- Rent a boat for the day (Pontoon boats are very fun here as well as a ski boat)

- Sand Harbor (we did our engagement photos here, and it was beautiful)


- Stay in a cabin

- Snowboarding at the resorts: Northstar, Heavenly, Kirkwood and Homewood are some of my favs! 

- The shops at Heavenly

- Ice Skating and hot chocolate at Northstar Resort


- Gambling at a Casino

- Concert at Harvey's Outdoor Arena

- Golf at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

- Mini Golf in Kings Beach

- Milkshake at the Char Pit 

- Rent bikes (Incline Village on North Shore, Anderson Bikes on South Shore- 7 miles roundtrip to Baldwin Beach for a picnic

- Catch crawdads

- Emerald Bay by boat or hike

- Truckee Rafting

- Ropes Course (Treetop Adventures)

- Donner Train Tunnel hike

I hope this list helps! Don't forget to pin for later. 😍

Best of luck with your upcoming travels to beautiful Lake Tahoe! 


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hi family and friends! 👋

I can't believe it, but my little site just hit over 10,000 views!!! When I started this journey 16 weeks ago, I honestly didn't think 10,000 views was possible in the first year (even 100 people viewing it within the first year seemed like a lot). 😂 

Thank you for supporting my journey, and for proving me wrong in the best possible way! 

With lots of love, appreciation and excitement.

Five Spring/Summer Finds

Monday, April 19, 2021

 *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, if you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefited from personally, so I know you'll love the product(s). Full terms can be found here.

Hi family and friends! 👋

I've done some fun "getting ready for summer" purchases lately on Amazon, so I wanted to share them with you! Click on any of the photos below to read reviews and shop! 


Crop Tank

I'm actually wearing this one today, and boy is it breezy! I got it in the light purple color, and let me tell you..  the online color doesn't do it justice. It's soft, sits perfectly to where my stomach isn't hanging out, but it also isn't super tight for afternoon runs or gym sessions. I purchased one to start, but plan to purchase black when it comes back in stock in my size. I wear a small, and I feel like it's true to size. Click the photo above to learn more.


Outdoor Chair

Another true favorite lately, as I'm spending more and more time outside at the kids' sporting events! I originally purchased a small chair that was incredibly hard to put together and take apart, so much so that I didn't- I just carried it a couple of weeks put together to and from the field. Let me tell you, this chair is the complete opposite! One, it rocks. Two, it has a movable cover to hide the sun from your face. Three, it folds so easily and four, the bag it comes in is oversized, so you're not trying to squeeze it in and out of the bag each time. Also, the blue is beautiful. I'd purchase this one over and over again. Click the photo above to add one to your shopping cart.


Burger Maker

Another easy thing that I'm just LOVING right now! I originally purchased this for my husband, but let's be honest, I'm the only one using it. It makes burgers the right thickness and perfectly portioned. It's the most simple contraption, but it works! Also, extremely easy to clean. I plan on using this all summer long! Click the photo to learn more.

Tanning Lotion

There are a plethora of tanning lotions out there, and I'm sure they all work well. However, this keeps being my go-to! I've tried the drops in regular lotion and have had streaks on my legs for a week. I've tried brands that turn me orange. This one is fool proof. It gives me a little shade (so it doesn't look like I work inside an office all day!) and never has given me anything other than a glow. And you can't beat the price! Click on the photo above to shop.


Since my before and after photos with RP, this may be one of the questions I've received the most, "where did you purchase your purple bikini?" Who would have known that me pulling out the top swimsuit in my drawer for a photo 'for myself' to track progress would have gone viral. However, here it is, and it's under $25! Click the photo to purchase one of your own in a color you love!

What summer finds are you shopping for right now? Share with me in the comments below! 

10 Simple Seasonings to Spice Up Any Meal

Friday, April 9, 2021

*This post contains several affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase through a link. Read my disclaimer here.

10 simple seasonings to spice up any meal

Hi family and friends! 👋

I hope you all are having a great week. This post is probably LONG overdue, as I get so many comments on Instagram asking how I spice up my meals, since you all know I tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over. This one is so important, as it keeps things interesting, but doesn't add extra calories to your meal so you stay on track. Although this list isn't the full list of what I use, it definitely includes the ones you see most often. Let's dig in!

Cinnamon Bun Seasoning

  • Greek Yogurt
  • English Muffin
  • Pita Bread
I eat Cinnamon Bun Flavoring on my Greek yogurt every single day! So much in fact, that I just ordered three at a time I go through it so quickly. However, I also use it on bread options as well. Generally I eat carbs with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray because I use my fats for other things, so adding some flavoring to a somewhat bland piece of bread really helps! 

Chocolate Donut Seasoning

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Casein Shake
  • Whey Protein Shake
Like the Cinnamon Bun Flavoring, this one goes on my Greek yogurt most days as well. Again, it adds a little ump to a somewhat bland meal. Unlike Cinnamon Bun, I also use this in shakes, as most are chocolate, and it gives a little bit more to the overall taste!

Bacon Flavor Seasoning

  • Eggs
This is a specialty seasoning, and not something I use all that often. However, if you're a huge bacon lover, you may want to try it! I sometimes utilize it on my eggs to switch it up, and it works. I could also see this being used on hamburgers, pizza, etc. (because when is bacon ever a bad thing)?


Ranch Seasoning

  • Crockpot Crack Chicken Recipe

I make Crockpot crack chicken generally once a week, and it's always in my fridge. Because of this, I skip the cute little packets and purchased the big tub! As a main ingredient, I go through it often, so it's always good to have on hand. If you haven't tried this incredibly easy recipe, you can view it here.

Taco Seasoning

  • Crockpot Chicken Recipe
This is another seasoning that is never bad to have on hand. I generally use it for my Crockpot salsa chicken, so it's always good to have in a big tub! If you haven't tried making salsa chicken before, you can view how to make this super simple recipe here.

Garlic Salt

  • Homemade Pizza
  • Hamburger
  • Pita Bread
Garlic salt or powder adds so much flavor, especially to pizza or hamburger! Although these are the main ways I like to use it, I also use it every now and then on a piece of pita bread with some meals.

Salt & Pepper

  • Everything.. J/K
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Sprouts
I feel like these are staples in everyone's home, but if you're not using them to spice up your foods- you're missing out! I would say out of every spice I own, these two are used the most. 

Truffle Salt

  • Eggs
This is another specialty spice, and one I don't use as often (but man is it good)! If you're a fan of Tim Ferriss, he introduced me to this incredible spice on eggs years ago, and I'm so glad he did. If you eat a lot of eggs and egg whites like I do, check this one out!


Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

  • Eggs
  • Homemade bagels
  • Any type of bread
This is a very universal seasoning, and another one that I think is so great to have on hand. I like it for homemade bagels or bread primarily, but it really can be used on almost anything. 


Cinnamon Seasoning

  • Pita Bread
  • Tortilla
  • English Muffin
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Pancake/Waffle mix
  • French Toast
Cinnamon is a wonderful staple to have on hand. I generally use it on bread, but it could be used for a variety of things, so definitely make sure you have this one!

10 simple seasonings to spice up any meal

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Five Favorite Items for Fat Loss

Friday, April 2, 2021

 *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, if you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefited from personally, so I know you'll love the product(s). Full terms can be found here.

Hi friends! 👋

This post is long overdue, as I have five foundational items that truly made me successful on my 100% compliant fat loss phase, and I'm eager to share them with you! I'm not saying that this is the end all list or that I know everything there is to know about a fat loss phase. I was just very successful and completed the entire 85 days on track, and this is my personal recommendations of what helped me to get there. Excited that you're here, let's dig in! 


If you're focused on body composition goals, there's three different phases to choose from: fat loss, maintenance and weight gain. You're either sticking to your current size, or you're going up or down in weight. Those are your options! 

I wish the fat just melted off me (I can dream, right?) so I tend to go between maintenance and fat loss. I'm guessing that if you're reading this, you probably have dreamt about this too. The goal is to be in maintenance for the majority of your life, and to do a fat loss phase when needed. However, I know when I got started, I had my eye on the prize and already had it mapped out my maintenance, cut, maintenance, cut (which I'm currently on today). If you're doing it right, this is a slow process, so make sure you're enjoying the process of becoming the very best version of you at the same time.


This is such a great question, and one I wish more would ask. If you're wanting to count macros (or calories), most already have a goal of losing or gaining weight. I know I did! I would be lying if I wasn't ready to get in and get going. But here's the thing, most aren't eating what they should be on maintenance. Meaning, your body needs a starting point. Especially if you're like someone like my husband who drinks an energy drink in the morning and can be fine without a meal until dinner. I personally can't function without food, but I know plenty of people who can. Yes, you're in a calorie deficit, however, you're fluctuating so much that there's no true base for your body to start with. Although hard, I always lean towards starting in maintenance. Get comfortable with the process of counting carbs, mixing different foods.. and yes, losing a bit of weight. Get comfortable with eating more, and feeling how your body responds when you're eating the right way. Let your body have a starting point, and then cut. This honestly is one of the hardest things for people to do when they are motivated and ready to lose weight, but I promise you it's the best thing you can do for your fat loss journey. I lost weight starting in maintenance, I could see my performance improving in the gym and it gave me that little boost of "this is working" that I needed in order to continue.


Here's the five (+ an optional bonus) items that contributed to my success. I needed them all, used them all, depended on them all and crushed my goals with them all.

1. Food Scale

If you're like me, eyeballing portions always come out a little on the "too much" side. Using a scale keeps me consistent and on track. I use this scale every single day and LOVE IT SO MUCH! 


2. Meal Prep Containers

I have a million of these! Okay, maybe like 10-15. I have a variety of sizes (we bought the combo pack) and use them for everything. They work great!


3. Crockpot

I cook chicken in my crockpot weekly! It's easy, allows me to mix up the flavor and the chicken always comes out perfectly. 


3A. Crockpot Liners (Optional: Makes clean-up incredibly easy)

Cleaning a Crockpot is daunting. So is leaving it on the counter with soap and water. I promise you, once you use a Crockpot liner there's no going back. They make the whole clean up process a breeze!


4. Bodyweight Scale

A body weight scale is needed on my program to check in a couple times a week so the algorithm can determine what my following week will look like. It's not the only way to track progress, but in my opinion one of the easiest.


5. Pocket Scale

My previous food scale died on me mid-fat loss cut. I was so thankful for my pocket scale that I was able to use in its place until my new one arrived. This is also good to have on hand for eating out or at someone else's home.


Another great question! There's a million options out there, and I believe as long as you are following their specific guidelines you'll probably be successful. I partnered with RP (Renaissance Periodization), because this is the best plan for me. Here's the gist of what the pocket diet coach can do:

Plans Your Meals

The RP Diet App tells you the macros for your upcoming week's meals and you get to choose your favorite foods that fit. You can also make meal prep easier with the auto-generated grocery list feature.

Keeps you Accountable with Alerts

There's notifications on what, how much and when to eat based on what you inputed. The app also reminds you to weigh-in so that the app and you can track and review your progress.

Adapts to Your Life and Goals

Every body is different, and what it needs throughout your specific fitness journey can change. This is why the app will review your progress every week and will give you the option to adjust your diet if you need to.

Gives You Total Control

The app guides you, but you actually have complete control- starting with your fitness goal to whether or not you want to tweak you diet based on their weekly recommendations.

CLICK HERE to try the app I use for 33% off for the first six months.

Code "JERICKA" works on their website as well for any ebooks, cookbooks, apparel and more! 

I hope this post was helpful! The best compliment is to comment, shop, share and/or pin my posts. Thanks in advance for helping my website grow.

To read my top seven tips for completing your first fat loss phase (and to view pictures of my success), click here.

To read more about why I love the RP Diet App, click here.

Why I Love the RP Diet App

Friday, March 26, 2021

 *I'm an RP athlete, and an ambassador for Renaissance Periodization. At no additional cost to you (just savings!), I receive a small commission if anything is purchased. All comments are 100% my own, and I personally purchase this product on a monthly basis, so I know you're going to love it! For additional information, you can always read additional terms here

Why I love the RP Diet App

Hi family and friends! 👋

I'm so excited to announce that I've joined Renaissance Periodization as one of their ambassadors, better known as RP! So many of you have followed my journey and recent success and have asked how I did it. I've pretty much been talking about RP non-stop since, so you can imagine this is truly a dream come true! I think there's so many individuals this system and lifestyle could work for, so I wanted to provide a high-level overview of what the pocket diet app can do incase you've been contemplating trying it too!


I think it's so important to hear from a busy wife and toddler mom of two, one that does CrossFit on her lunch break, has a corporate career that keeps her busy and still has success with this program. Am I ripped like a lot of the RP individuals who live and breathe athletics and performance? No. I go to the gym for my own personal sanity, to stay fit, to build strength and better my performance. But I'm also guessing if you're reading this, you're probably more like me. Trying to get a work out in when you can, not sleeping as much as you'd like (because well, toddlers), stress over the meeting to come the following week... life is crazy, and that's why having one tool that adjusts your nutrients/macros based on your fitness goals, schedule, weigh-ins and lifestyle keeps me on track with taking care of myself (so I can take care of everyone else).

There's a million dieting options out there, and I believe as long as you are following their specific guidelines you'll probably be successful. I partnered with RP (Renaissance Periodization), because this is the best plan for me. When I decided to come back to RP from their template days (which are still available and widely used if this works better for you!), I did a few things. I read their latest digital eBook front to back to educate me on their scientific methods and strategies, and sat down and contemplated whether I needed a coach. Because a dedicated coach is expensive, I decided to drill down on the new app they created, as it was targeted as a "diet coach in your pocket." The promotion starting price to use the app was much more affordable, so I decided to try it for six months to see if it was something I could be successful using. My life has changed so much since, so I'm so glad that I did!

Why I Love the RP Diet App


RP simplifies your diet, builds sustainable habits and constantly adapts to you and your lifestyle!

You pick the food, they tell you how much and when to eat. Compliance tracking and reminders are in place to hold you accountable. The advanced algorithms adjust to your metabolism and progress, as your body and lifestyle change. They make tracking the right macros and hitting goals so easy! 

What the app can do:

Plans Your Meals

The RP Diet App tells you the macros for your upcoming week's meals and you get to choose your favorite foods that fit. You can also make meal prep easier with the auto-generated grocery list feature.

(I still eat what I want, and they portion it out appropriately based off my goals.)

Keeps you Accountable with Alerts

There's notifications on what, how much and when to eat based on what you inputed. The app also reminds you to weigh-in so that the app and you can track and review your progress.

(There's reminders for my meals and weigh ins so I never miss a check-in.)

Adapts to Your Life and Goals

Every body is different, and what it needs throughout your specific fitness journey can change. This is why the app will review your progress every week and will give you the option to adjust your diet if you need to.

(You can update if you don't work out for the day, body type changes, decide to move to maintenance early, etc.)

Gives You Total Control

The app guides you, but you actually have complete control- starting with your fitness goal to whether or not you want to tweak you diet based on their weekly recommendations.

(I always have the option to stay on track, or maybe if I was off for the week and want to try that week over again- it's completely up to me!)

The RP Diet App is the simplest most effective way to plan and track your food, so if you're at all interested, I encourage you to give it a try! You can't really tell just how amazing the app is until you test it out for a couple of weeks and see just how capable you are at losing stubborn body fat. I surprised myself and I'm sure you will too! 😀

To read my top seven tips for completing your first fat loss phase (and to view pictures of my success), click here.


I'm excited to provide you the same introductory price that I received when I first joined!


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