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Sunday, September 5, 2021 California, USA

Hi family and friends! 👋

I hope you all are having an amazing day and productive week. I recently had a day of downtime, where the kids and I stayed home, caught lizards, splashed in the hot tub and enjoyed all of those toys they only see every so often when we're not running to and from one place to the other. As stir crazy as I can go staying home, I'm currently sitting here listening to giggling at the table, watching out of the corner of my eye them eating their after dinner bowl of cereal, just because. Truthfully, they love it!

I know a lot of people ask what I eat in a day, so I want to try and document my meals every so often for you to get an idea of what my day look like when it comes to food. Today worked out for me to be home for all four meals, so I went for it! 

First, lets go over what my macros are for the day!

Sleep: 7 hours, 30 minutes

Workout: 0

Meals: 4

Protein: 135g

Fat: 45g

Carbs: 20g

Meal One:


Egg Whites

Eggs Whole




Meal tracking macros
Meal One

Meal Two:




Meal tracking macros
Meal Two

Meal Three:

Protein Shake

Wheat Thins

Whey Protein 


Meal tracking macros
Meal Three

Meal Four:




Cherry Tomatoes

Meal Four

Although I wouldn't say this is a typical day (Monday through Friday looks a lot different with workouts and a more routine day), it's good to get an idea of how simple and straight forward it really can be! If the numbers look a little overwhelming, check out the post on Why I Love the RP Diet App, as all of them are factored and edited throughout your journey. You just enter some information to start and each week, and the rest is really done for you. You enter what you want to eat and the app tells you how much (or reminds you just how many carbs are in that item you love). Truly the simplest way to hit your nutrition goals in my opinion.

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment, pin or share. Thanks for helping my website grow. 😁

Chat with you all soon!

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  1. Yum! I love that you put avocado on your eggs, I put avocado on everything! Ha