Happy One (full) Month to dumbbellsnotblonde!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

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Hi friends! 👋

Happy New Year! I wanted to jump in and switch gears to give a quick recap on my first month going LIVE, what's been going on over here, my favorite January purchase (that I've bought multiple times!) and then wrap up with what to expect for next month.


I can't believe it, but dumbbellsnotblonde has now been up and running for a FULL month! What started as an idea for a place to help encourage and inspire others with their own health and fitness journeys, is now something I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for.. as there's so much more I want to share with you all! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button on the main page to follow along (it's always easy to unsubscribe at anytime). I'd love to have you!

I've had 2,881 views so far on my blog, with even more followers on multiple social platforms! You guys are seriously blowing me away with all the love!

Instagram Followers 845
Pinterest Followers 46 (and 4.6k monthly views!)
Twitter Followers 32 
Facebook Followers 38

If you're one of the people who is already following along, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME! I want to know what YOU want to see moving forward, so feel free to send me a message on any platform with your ideas and suggestions! 😄


First things first, I received some great news on January 6th that my kidney disease (that I acquired via pregnancy) is now totally back to normal! I realize that this doesn't happen for everyone, and I feel extremely grateful that it reversed for me. Let me know in the comments if this is something you want a deep dive on, as it's a horrible outcome with a very positive ending. I want to encourage people who may be in the same boat to not give up hope, and some tips of what I did immediately and from that point on to do my best to help with recovery.

If you've been following me for sometime, you'll know that I have my husband's birthday on the second week of every new year, meaning that I never set a "diet/lifestyle" type goal on January 1st. Honestly, it's somewhat a blessing in disguise, as my goal is to consistently do what I always do (so there really shouldn't be anything "new"). Although, I'd love to participate in one of Renaissance Periodization's Transformation Challenges one year which always start on the 1st! We did a very simple date night at a new restaurant, followed by cake and presents with Grandma and the kids at home. 

Husband and I on his birthday dinner
Happy Birthday to my handsome husband

I started Power Abs 2.0 last week, so I will be continuing that for another few weeks, so the first two weeks next month. Keep a look out for the results in February! I'm also having fun having my kids tag along on these (we do them in the evening together), so that's been really fun for us as well. I love that I'm leading by example when it comes to healthy fun habits. Thankfully it's only 10 minutes, because they make it through about the first two. 

If you're curious about the program and the different offerings available, you can click here to view them all under my links & product recommendations. My full review of the programs can be found here. It's yours once you buy it, so don't worry about any subscription charges or hidden fees. You can do the program as many times as you'd like (and we all do)!


I just realized that I've purchased these leggings multiple times over the years, so I wanted to share them with you! They are super soft, affordable and versatile. They are literally the first thing I grab to wear while at home or running errands (and have even worn them to the gym a time or two!). I literally just got my latest shipment Monday so I have a pair for every day of the week. (Don't judge me.) 😂

What started as an "I don't want to pay a lot of money if I'm going to lose weight" legging, I've now owned multiple pairs as I continue to go down in size. I've also purchased them in crop and full length (I'm 5'2 for reference). I prefer the longer length, so that's all I'm personally purchasing today. 

Bonus, they are less than $15. Yes, you heard that right! Super soft, versatile (with different color and cut options) for less than your lunch out. A serious no brainer! Buy a couple pairs of these VIV Collection leggings right now and thank me later. 👊



February is another busy month for this family of four! January is my husband's birthday (and his love language is gifts), but then we turn around and celebrate my sweet baby girl's birthday the first half of February! I can't believe my baby (who told me last night while going to bed that "she wasn't a baby anymore, she's a big girl"), is turning THREE! She's grown so much even in this past month, and I couldn't be prouder of the sweet and sassy little lady she's becoming. She's asked for a Blue's Clues party, so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of Blue and Magenta (those are the main characters in Blue's Clues) coming up here soon. 

I will also be sharing what's on my plate for the Superbowl and Valentine's Day in February, so make sure to subscribe come back and visit! 

The best compliment is to comment, shop, share and/or pin my posts. Thanks in advance for helping my little website grow.

With love and gratitude,

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  1. Congratulations - you've gotten a lot accomplished in just a month!

  2. OMGGG I need to try those leggings! I'm not ashamed to say I'm obsessed with wearing leggings all the time.

  3. Congratulations! I’m in awe of how much you’ve accomplished in a month!