5 Reasons Why You Need to Add Power Abs to Your Workout Routine!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

*DISCLOSURE: I'm an ambassador of Pearce Pointers, which at no additional cost to you, allows me to earn commission when you purchase using my links. However, all information above is my own review of the program, a program in which I purchased on my own. Thank you in advance for your support of my blog. I know you're going to love her programs! 

There aren't too many programs I immediately jump on board to promote, but Kari Pearce's Power Abs programming checks all the boxes!

I had been back in the gym for a couple of years post baby, and I still wasn't performing some of the movements as best as I knew I could. And with CrossFit, you're training it all, so I wanted a program specifically geared to strengthen my core so all of my movements would improve. My motivation was to perform better in the gym, but my abs sure are prettier to look at now too. 😄

If you're not familiar with Kari, she's a six time CrossFit Games participant, and the first woman in the US to stand on the CrossFit Games podium in 2020 since 2014. She's badass, and has some of the most amazing abs to back up the incredible program she launched. And the original Power Abs programming has been so successful that she now has multiple programs and an eating plan available!

Whether you're considering doing it for esthetics or performance, she has the programs to get them in to tip top shape! However, I didn't realize all that I was getting by purchasing this program, and I want to make sure it's not a secret to you. Here's my top five reasons for doing a Kari Pearce Power Abs program:

1. You Pay Once for the Program, and it's Yours! 

So many digital programs today are subscription based, meaning you pay monthly to utilize them. Not this one, and that makes it extremely attractive. She has many different sales throughout the year, making it usually around $1/day for one month (and free the rest of the time you use it). Honestly, trying this program is a serious no brainer.

2. There's Two Videos per Workout- One to Review Movements, One for the Actual Workout!

I love that before you actually start the workout, she has a quick video tutorial of how to do each movement. Genius! Once the workout begins, you already know what to do and can complete it at the speed you desire. And if you do it multiple times, you don't have to watch the intro. She does a quick "what's in the workout" on the screen for a couple seconds before you begin. 

3. There's Multiple Levels

Each program is different, but at minimum there will be a level one and two (meaning you can bounce between the movements based on your initial abilities, or you can complete the whole program at level one, and continue doing level two, etc.). Programs such as Summer Power Abs have three levels (and I have yet to even come close to mastering level three.. or anywhere close).

4. There's Multiple Programs

Since becoming an ambassador, Kari has really rounded out her programming to make sure everyone has an ab program that meets the person where they're at. There's Power Abs for Moms, Power Abs, Summer Power Abs, Extreme Power Abs, etc. So on top of different levels included with each one, there's also multiple Power Abs programs available to try. I'd be lying if I said most stop at one. 

5. The Community you Receive is Hands Down the Best!

I save this one for last, because I truly didn't know how much this would impact my every day life. Our ab community is filled with people at every level, every walk of life, every country. We all come together to cheer people on, celebrate success, cheer for Kari at the CrossFit Games and learn tips on how we all accomplish our Power Abs, so others can learn and be inspired.

If you could benefit from a strengthened core, or maybe your goal next year is to have a six pack, you HAVE to check out her programs! I'm an avid CrossFitter, so I started with Summer Power Abs, and I feel like it meets me where I'm at. If you're active and just need to tone up your abs, I would start with her original program, Power Abs. It's five different workouts, and comes with a 30-day calendar on how to complete the program.

Imagine Having a Six Pack 30 Days from Today!



- 30 DAYS



Current Power Abs and PHIIT Programs (added program discounts automatically included in the below links):

Intro to Power Abs

Power Abs (the Original) Program

Power Abs 2.0

Power Abs for Moms 

Summer Power Abs

Extreme Power Abs

Power Abs in the Kitchen

PowerAbs for Performance

Summer PowerArms

Power Handstands Course

Power Glutes

Power Legs 

Perfect Pull-Up

Partner Power Abs

Power Glutes Plus 


PowerAbs with Patch 

PHIIT (Full body)

Low Impact PHIIT (Full body, no jumping)

Super PHIIT 

NEW! Moms Bundle PowerAbs for Moms, PHIIT Mom and PowerAbs in the Kitchen

NEW! Best Sellers Bundle PowerAbs, PHIIT, PowerGlutes

NEW! Strength Builder Bundle PHIIT Strength, Summer PowerArms and PowerGlutes Plus

NEW! 21Strong 21 strong workouts (10 minute working on specific body part, one minute rest, followed by 10 minute high-intensity burn)

Feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any questions at all. I'd be happy to help! 


  1. Will I get a link to the power abs videos?

    1. Once purchased you’ll receive a dashboard to log into with the calendar and days for the specific program you purchased (so all videos are clearly labeled on your dashboard). I also add the URL to the homepage of my iPhone so it’s easy to access!

  2. Very informative post about this particular method to achieving a six pack! Do you have any before and after pics? I love seeing hard work that pays off, it is so motivating!! Thanks for this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You can check out my before and after photos under my about me section, or by following me on Instagram. I just posted a good comparison photo there this morning. :)