The Best (and Easiest!) Place To Eat Out While Dieting (Fat Loss Diet or Maintenance Phase)

Friday, January 8, 2021

I remember being in the middle of my fat loss diet phase when my manager let me know that lunch for our end of the year meeting was on them. Hooray! Except, what could I eat? I was so diligent at home, and I was so nervous to branch out into the restaurant world in fear that I would go over. Remember, nothing was getting in my way of 100%. I sat and thought about what I would normally eat when splurging, and that an In and Out Burger and fries wasn't going to end well for me.. no matter what way I sliced and diced it. Ugh! 

One of the places I have always loved (but haven't visited for sometime) is Chipotle! And while I've been known to pack a ton of goodness within their already oversized tortilla, they also have a healthier burrito bowl option available. Now, here's where my mom skills came into play (and they can come into play for you too)! 

I ordered a burrito bowl IN A KIDS CONTAINER! Why? Because then I was able to take it back home, count my perfect portions for each and eat at 100%! I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was so incredibly excited about this new found freedom and didn't order it a few more times. I may actually have it again today. 😉

Let me break this down further for you if compartmentalizing your food is new (as it was for me).

This is What it Looks Like:

Chipotle option while dieting or weight loss cut

Here's Exactly What You Need To Do:

Ask for a burrito bowl in a kids container- that's it! 

With my macros, I knew I couldn't eat all of the container most likely in one sitting (and my company was paying up to $20), so I asked for extra chicken and two sides of guacamole.

I was right! I ended up using the chicken for three meals (a homemade bowl below that I made twice, and then the rest on a homemade pizza instead of my usual chicken).

Here's What it Looks Like Put Together:

Homemade Chipotle bowl made at home for diet weight loss macro counting on renaissance periodization fat loss phase cut

And that's it! Again, I'm all about super simple and easy.. and I feel like this option is just that! Also, now that I've had it a few times (that I will admit to), I can also now eyeball how much rice and beans I can have. This comes in handy if I wanted to go out to Chipotle and not break out my pocket scale.


Hopefully this helps if you're going out during your own weight loss, fat loss or dieting cut phase. Let me know if you end up trying it yourself!

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  1. Oh this is great for me! I always find it hard to pick a healthy place to eat while on the road. I heard good things about Chipotle, I’ll have to try them out now!