How to Make a T-Shirt into a Women's Muscle Tank

Saturday, August 28, 2021


Hi family and friends! 👋

I was at the gym the other day, and I saw two friends with super cute muscle tanks.. that they both did themselves! So it got me thinking, how many shirts in my closet do I not wear because they are boring t-shirts? Which could I make into cute wearable muscle tanks? How the heck do I cut it so it's just as cute?

Muscle tanks have been around forever, however, they've definitely been seen a lot more recently as a cute cover up before workouts or to wear during your workout (me!). I recently purchased a women's muscle tank on Amazon to start wearing to the gym. What I love about it? The color and fabric. What I would change? Arm holes not going out so wide to show side boob and a shorter length. 😂

Because my side boob shows a different color sports bra (not in the cute way), I don't wear it unless to bed. BUT, I still want a cute one! 


First friend: "I did two inches at the top and then kind of winged it"

Second friend: "I did this so long ago"

Final thoughts: I can do it myself, but will have to do by trial and error

So I decided just to take a shirt out of my closet and practice!

Step 1: Grab your supplies

- Shirt

- Scissors

- Tape Measure

- Marker


Step 2: Decide the top width

I chose two inches and marked both sides. I also folded in half to make sure both sides were similar.

Step 3: Figure out how far down on the sides you want the arm holes to go

I wanted them a little bit higher, so I chose to go one inch down from the arm hole seam. I again folded in half to make sure both sides were similar.

Step 4: Start cutting, one side at a time! 

I went down from the top, and then cut in an L shape to the second marker. Don't worry about them being 100% even, as you will also be stretching the arm holes after.

Step 5: After both sides are cut, stretch the armholes out, which causes the new cut to roll a bit. 

Step 6: If you want a shorter length, cut the bottom.

(I skipped this step with my trial and error shirt, but will probably do this in the future.)

Step 7: Wear your new creation with pride! 


Making a t-shirt into a women's muscle tank was actually easier than I initially thought. I hope you have a similar experience! 

3 Tips for Visiting Legoland California

Monday, August 9, 2021 Carlsbad, CA, USA

* I'm not in anyway affiliated with Legoland and didn't get compensated for my trip. We just enjoyed our trip so much that I wanted to share it with friends and family. Information expressed and shared are all my own opinions. Enjoy!

Legoland California sign

We recently took a trip to Southern California to one of their newest most beloved amusement parks, Legoland! Legoland is a little chunk of kid paradise in the city of Carlsbad, California. Growing up going to theme parks in Southern California, I began to wonder why I've never been to this place. Well, it's because it opened when I was a teenager, which in my opinion, is a little out of age range unless you're going with younger children.

I would say Legoland California is perfect for ages 2-9 (we did have a nine year old with us and he did have fun), and offers the right amount of fun, rides and kid exploration for 2-3 days of fun. We bought the Legoland/Aquarium/Waterpark pass staying for three nights, playing two full days- and it was the perfect amount of time! We stayed at the Legoland Castle Resort, just steps from the main entrance of Legoland, California. We had such a great time, so much so that I'd love to share three tips with you if you plan to visit the park soon as well. 😊

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1. Stay at the Legoland Resort

   There's many times you plan a trip, and it's so much less to sleep a few miles away. I do this when I go to Disneyland, and I'm actually not going to do it the next time I visit. Here's why! The hotel is set up to be a secondary park in itself. We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel, and it had a million (okay, maybe a little less) things to do! There's a park that we visited morning, afternoon until well in the evening. They have magic shows, story time and entertainment going on throughout the day on a patch of grass. They have an outdoor movie theater and pool with pool Legos. Inside they have a slide, a throne, and little Lego people throughout. On top of the continental breakfast and on-going activities outdoors, you also get in an hour early into the park. Although not every ride is open right away (at least when we visited), you can start your plan of attack and be one of the first when they do open. We did this both days with Ninjago and rode both times with almost no wait.. like, it took longer to walk through the line than getting on the ride itself.

The room itself has a fun Lego experience and has the whole Lego theme as well. There's a bed for adults, and then bunk beds with a TV around the corner (although mine all piled into one). 😆 

The buffet breakfast, amenities, early park access and how close the hotel is to the entrance is definitely worth it!

2. Visit in the Beginning of the Week

    I'm sure you're thinking that summer is the worst time to travel to a California amusement park. If so, you're thinking the same as my husband was when I told him we were going mid-summer. Lol. His patience is very limited when it comes to waiting for rides! We actually planned this trip around family, as they were visiting the park at the end of July. Even though it could be hot and busy, we jumped on board and purchased tickets for the same days. I'm here to tell you, we didn't wait more than 15 minutes for any ride- most being around five minutes or less! We made sure to hit the most popular rides first thing, and then spent the afternoon visiting the little parks inside, eating and playing various games along the way. We honestly didn't have many issues visiting the main park on Tuesday, followed by the Waterpark on Wednesday. We did the aquarium in the evening on Tuesday, and that was easy (and so much fun) as well. 

There wasn't a line when we arrived to check in, but there definitely was one when we were leaving, so my tip would be to time your trip for earlier in the week if possible.

3. Buy the Legoland/Water Park/Aquarium Pass

    Most amusement parks are now starting to open a water park on top of the normal park, which in California I think is a great idea! We purchased one day at Legoland, one day at the Waterpark and an Aquarium pass. What I love about this is that you're not limited to just the Waterpark for the day! It's in the back corner of the park, and we were still able to ride a few rides we didn't get to the day before, and then get wet for the day. We visited the waterpark for a few hours, played a game or two on the way back to the hotel, slept and then went back out to the park for the last hour and rode five rides before closing! The aquarium itself was so fun, which I wasn't expecting much to be honest. They have little stamp books, so you could see how far you were into the adventure throughout. Each area was well done, and I honestly could have gone through again. This may seem like an add on, but it was actually one of my favorite moments from the trip. Make sure not to skip it!

Legoland California


Monday: Check In

    (Enjoyed hotel amenitites- Pool, Park, Show)

Tuesday: Legoland Park, Sealife Aquarium 

Wednesday: Legoland Park, Waterpark, Legoland Park

Thursday: Checked Out

    (Hotel Amenities)


Deep Sea Adventure
Junior Driving School
Lost Kingdom Adventure
Sky Patrol
Funtown Police and Fire Academy
Beetle Bounce

(Parent's Break)
Hideaways Playground
Coast Cruise


Hunter Steakhouse 
Oceanside, CA

Islands Restaurant 
Carlsbad, CA

Shoobie's Ice Cream 
Carlsbad, CA

I can't wait for you to start planning a visit to this cute little amusement park for your kids in Southern California! Let me know if you have any questions! Or feel free to share some of your favorite tips, food and rides in the comments section below.