My Two Favorite Chicken Recipes to Throw in the Crockpot

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

If someone would have told me that I'd be craving Crockpot chicken every day, I would have thought they were crazy! However, I've really grown to love it, and I actually look forward to eating it every single day.

I work from home, so (shhh...), I don't really meal prep. However, the one thing that's always readily made in Tupperware is my Crockpot chicken.. and I pull it out of the fridge often.

I have two variations that go in the Crockpot, and both of them are super simple to make, and super easy to mix up in different meals throughout the week! 

Lets take a look at the two recipes below:

My Variation of Crack Chicken (shown above)

  • 1 Ranch Packet
  • 1/2 Buffalo Sauce Bottle

4 Hours on High (Shred at 3:30)

I don't add the cream cheese because I prefer to know how much is going into each individual meal. I also do a lot of meals with cheddar cheese or no cheese at all, so leaving it out allows for more variety throughout the week. However, general crack chicken is made with cream cheese as well if you want to throw it in with the above! I recommend the reduced fat cream cheese if it's available at your local grocery store.

Salsa Chicken

  • 1 cup Salsa (Mild)
  • 1 Taco Seasoning Packet

4 Hours on High (Shred at 3:30)

Both of these are super easy to make in the beginning of the week, and easy to grab if you need a quick meal during the day. I have lots of variations on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, and will share some of my favorite chicken meals here soon! Let me know if you decide to try one of these Crockpot meals! 


  1. I have a Crockpot at home, but I have never tried to make chicken in there! Thank you for these ideas! I will try them!

  2. You're welcome Sandra! Let me know which one ends up being your favorite. :)