How to Have a Great Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Monday, July 12, 2021 Lake Tahoe, United States

Hi family and friends! 👋🏻

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! I know we are over here. 😎

I recently got back from one of the places I love visiting every year, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is an absolutely beautiful lake, sitting between California and Nevada with more than enough to do for any traveling enthusiast. I've done ski trips, hiking trips, family and best friend trips. I've gone for a bachelorette party, a wedding and a crazy 4th of July boating holiday weekend. I've gone camping, stayed in cabins, hotels and resorts on the North and South shore. It's all breathtaking and worth the trip anytime of the year! Because I know this could be a place you plan to add to your bucket list, I wanted to put together a couple itineraries I've loved! 

First, North and South shore Lake Tahoe are vastly different. For the most part, you'll find a lot more of the fun nightlife and casinos in the South shore, and the more laid back vibe in the North. However, it's easy to travel the lake, so find a spot that suits you and make sure you have a car!

My last trip was a girls trip where we stayed in a cabin in Truckee, California. Truckee is a beautiful little mountain town on the outskirts of Lake Tahoe. They have a cute little downtown and an easy way into the West side of Lake Tahoe. Truckee has cabins, but is also filled with lots of locals, boutique shops and restaurants. Truckee is more North West, so we ventured North clockwise around the lake in the morning down to South Shore our first day. The East side of the lake is more scenic, so it was a beautiful drive down to the casino area. First we did the Heavenly gondola, observation deck, hiking to the roller coaster and then shopping at the bottom. After a great morning, we headed to The Beacon Bar & Grill for a late lunch/dinner and some beach time. We found a frisbee and honestly enjoyed the water until the sun went down, driving the rest of the lake back (with a quick stop at Emerald Bay of course). It was a perfect relaxing girls weekend, and a good way to maximize the weekend in such a gorgeous area! 



- Staying in a cabin or resort

- Camping at Camp Richardson

- Driving all the way around the lake

- Hiking! (Maggie's Peak across from Emerald Bay is a great one if you have 1/2 of a day)

- Heavenly gondola, observation deck, hiking, roller coaster, zip line, tubing, food at the top

- Shopping/eating at the bottom of Heavenly

- The Beacon Bar & Grill, great beach, dock and beach dining

- Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking on the lake (they have clear kayaks you can rent too)

- Rent a boat for the day (Pontoon boats are very fun here as well as a ski boat)

- Sand Harbor (we did our engagement photos here, and it was beautiful)


- Stay in a cabin

- Snowboarding at the resorts: Northstar, Heavenly, Kirkwood and Homewood are some of my favs! 

- The shops at Heavenly

- Ice Skating and hot chocolate at Northstar Resort


- Gambling at a Casino

- Concert at Harvey's Outdoor Arena

- Golf at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

- Mini Golf in Kings Beach

- Milkshake at the Char Pit 

- Rent bikes (Incline Village on North Shore, Anderson Bikes on South Shore- 7 miles roundtrip to Baldwin Beach for a picnic

- Catch crawdads

- Emerald Bay by boat or hike

- Truckee Rafting

- Ropes Course (Treetop Adventures)

- Donner Train Tunnel hike

I hope this list helps! Don't forget to pin for later. 😍

Best of luck with your upcoming travels to beautiful Lake Tahoe! 

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  1. Tahoe is such a great place and I will have to visit the places you mentioned- if it doesn't burn up in the Caldor fire! Such a wonderful place for all ages indoors and outdoors. Milkshakes at Char Pit is where I will stop at next time I visit as I have never been there. 🤩