The BEST Appetizer to Bring or Serve for Holiday Party Entertaining, That You Can Eat Too While Dieting! (Fat Loss Diet Phase/Maintenance Phase)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The BEST appetizer to bring or serve for holiday party gatherings that you can also eat on a fat loss weight loss diet phase

When I sat down to begin my fat loss phase of dieting, I knew I was picking a hard time of the year. I saw that it went through Halloween, Thanksgiving and a majority of Christmas. The fact of the matter was, that I was ready! 

It all started with me laying on the bed and my five year old asking if I had a boy or a girl in my belly. 😳  Now, I didn't realize at this time that our nanny was pregnant, and she shared that she had a baby in her belly. He left this piece out. And honestly, my tummy didn't look super flabby in my laying down position (isn't that the position that always makes us look just a tad bit better?), but the fact that he thought I looked like I had a baby was all it took. I started my weight loss that following Monday and went 100%. And I didn't find out about her pregnancy until I was a week or two in.

Thinking about the holidays (and just normal life in general), I truly had to come up with a plan around these celebrations to make sure it didn't knock me off track. That's when I came across a very simple (and easy way to adjust macros) appetizer that I'm going to share with you! 

best appetizer for dieting

How I Made My Cranberry & Cheese Bites

I'm a little crazy with my compliance on fat loss, so if you are too, you'll appreciate my diligence here.

I brought my food scale, cranberry sauce in a can, crescent rolls and chunk of brie cheese over to my Mom's house to prepare. I wasn't just having cranberry & cheese bites on Thanksgiving, so I had to figure out my macros and the amount I could have for my carbs/fats/protein for each meal. I took the max of those numbers with the rolls, cheese and sauce and created my bites based off what I was allotted. (The rest of my meal was mainly protein from turkey and a small bit of mashed potatoes, which I filled in around the bites for those wondering.)

If you're following, I broke down how much of the roll, cranberry sauce and cheese based off my macros, not a recipe. Because this appetizer is so easy, it's super flexible and can be altered pretty much any way with these three ingredients and still taste amazing! 

Here's All You Need

  • Low Calorie Crescent Rolls
  • Brie
  • Cranberry Sauce

375 degrees for 15 minutes

These little prepped treats to myself were just what I needed to indulge but stay on track. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, Easter, Christmas or just want something different over the weekend, I hope you try this one too!

best appetizer for dieting

Cheers to your next event with this amazing (and incredibly easy) appetizer!  

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