What I Eat and Drink Before I Workout (on a Fat Loss Diet Cut or Maintenance Phase)

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

11:30 a.m. PST hits the clock, and I'm off my video conference and heading into the kitchen to make my pre WOD (or pre workout) shake and snack! Having a whey protein shake (versus a standard pre workout mix) and some sugary carbs used to be really foreign to me, but I've actually really grown to love the combo. If sugary carbs is new to you before a workout, enjoy! 

Lets dive into what I have before I workout, along with some other ideas I've seen in the gym below.

Here's What I Have Most Days for My Pre-Workout

- 0.5 oz Whey Protein Powder 
- 0.7 oz Marshmallows

Yep, that's it! Pretty simple! I switch up the whey protein powder flavor to keep things interesting, but marshmallows is definitely my go-to for carbs. It gives me just enough of a sugar rush to curve my cravings and help me perform optimally in the gym. 👐

Other Ideas to Have as Workout Carbs:

- Gummy Bears

- Skittles

- Jelly Beans

- Gatorade

- Juice

- Coconut Water

When Do I Consume My Pre-Workout Meal and Shake?

You'll notice that the time you're supposed to consume these two are right when you start your workout. For me, I usually eat/drink most of it in the car on the way to the gym. I have a 15 minute drive, and always start with the marshmallows first (you already knew that, didn't you)? Many days, I'll add some water in when I get to the gym so that I can have it on the way back. I also always add ice! 

What's your go-to pre workout carbs? Do you find that they help you with new personal records? Share with us all below! 

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