Our Kitchen Remodel

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 California, USA

dumbbellsnotblonde Home Kitchen Remodel

Hi family and friends! 👋

We are officially in Fall, and whew this year is FLYING BY! Lots of life is happening all around me, and I couldn't be more excited for another holiday season approaching! If Halloween was any indication of how the rest of the year will go, bring it on! 

Before we get to Thanksgiving though, we decided to throw in a little home remodel of our... KITCHEN! Truthfully we started the process in the beginning of the year and it's just coming down to getting in the granite slabs in town and figuring out the last details, but we'll get to that soon. :) 

In the beginning of the year we started looking at granite to redo our kitchen countertops. It's been on the agenda for awhile, but having such small children, we decided to wait a few years as we have with getting a new table and couch. It's just a whole different level of meeting them where they're at and letting them be kids. It's easier to upgrade when they are a bit older (and hopefully wiser). TBD if waiting until ages six and three was long enough!

Finding granite was nearly impossible this year, so drilling down to what we were looking for was actually harder than I thought it would be. We drove to other cities to view stock and see them in person, and eventually found our slabs to purchase. That's another thing, we ended up with slabs, so they have to be cut.

Granite Countertops

We decided to go with White Ice, which is a whiter granite mixed with gray and black tones, which matches the interior of our home. Heads up that the cut of this particular granite is starting to get some yellow in it. We ordered/shipped two that made it look like macaroni and cheese was spilt, and I didn't think I could handle it long-term. It would just always look dirty to me. However, if there was more strategically placed, it may not be as bad. Just something to note when you're looking. White Ice is beautiful, and I'm excited to see it in our home! 


We decided to go with Stow tiles, the 4x8 option in Bianco Glossy White. I do love the marshmallow matte as well, but ultimately didn't want the grout to show and it's easier to hide with bright white. With marshmallow, the color is not a bright white, so matching grout and tile would just be a little harder and I couldn't visualize it as much as the perfect sample of the other in front of me. If you're in between the two, either would honestly be a great choice!

Natucer Stow Spanish Ceramic Tile | 4 x 8 | Bianco Glossy White

They came yesterday to tear out the old tile and backsplash, so we're currently sitting with some wood, no sink and no stove right now.

Here's how we prepped:

- Plastic Bowls
- Plastic Silverware
- Plastic Cups
- Meat Cooked at the Grocery Store
- Microwaveable Macaroni and Cheese Singles
- Yogurts

We're knee deep in the heart of it all, so I'll give everyone an update when it gets closer to completion (and a good before/after). 

Excited to update you all soon!

UPDATE: We're all done!

It's been quite a process, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome! We officially finished three days before Christmas with painting, and it turned out great! I'll share some photos with you below:

dumbbellsnotblonde Home Kitchen Remodel

dumbbellsnotblonde Home Kitchen Remodel
dumbbellsnotblonde Home Kitchen Remodel
Don't forget to pin the after photo if you're looking for inspiration on your own home kitchen remodel! 

So, what do you think? Would you take on a major project like this during the holidays? Share with me below!

Until next time,

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