RP Fat Loss Cut 2022 Week by Week Review and Progress

Friday, January 7, 2022

Hi family and friends! 👋🏻

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. Mine started with a challenge with RP Strength (Renaissance Periodization), which I’m really excited to complete. I’ll be adding all of my weekly progress updates below, but if you want to follow along in real-time, you can follow my whole journey on Instagram: Instagram.com/dumbbellsnotblonde 

Thanks for all of your support, and I can’t wait to share my full transformation with you all in March! 💪🏻


January 7th, 2022 #accountabilitypost 🎉

Happy Friday family and friends! 🥳

I’m sure you’ve seen already, but I decided to jump on the #rpstrength challenge this year for the FIRST time! Last year I had just completed my 2020 end of the year cut (so I was good to go at the beginning of the year), but 2021 had some hard moments and stress eating definitely got the best of me (especially not being able to work out during the holidays with my sciatic nerve pain). 😢

I’m now six days in to my challenge and one pound down. Mentally I’m doing good! My husbands birthday is in January and my daughters is in February, so “dieting” or doing some type of #newyearresolution this time of the year has always been tough, until now. To be transparent, I’m not going into this challenge thinking that I’ll have the best results of everyone in the end. I’m also not looking to do the challenge at 100% meal adherence like I did previously, which is my biggest struggle I’m looking to overcome. Yes, I’m going into the challenge with the plan to ENJOY my husband and daughters birthdays, and finish this #challenge with a “lower than perfect” check in goal (which will be lingering most of the challenge since one is in two days). 😂 I’m doing this challenge to learn that it’s okay to enjoy life, and to master picking right back up after going over. With not being able to workout much (not at all now the first month) and not being perfect throughout, it’s 100% mental for me this round, and I’m planning for it as such. In the process I hope to come out stronger, and have a healthier mindset when it comes to balance- truly living a healthy lifestyle! Of course, a few less pounds in the end would also be welcomed. 😉

January 14th, 2022 #accountabilitypost 🎉

Friday #accountabilitypost 🎉

I’ve made it through another week of my challenge, and even after thoroughly enjoying my husband’s birthday cake, the graph is headed in the right direction! Could it have been better? Eh, who knows! 😂 Again, my goal going into this one is to figure out balance, with the challenge reminding me to pick right back up versus falling off the rails. So far, so good!

Coming up, the festivities continue and I’m going to try my best to enjoy myself but also make #smarterchoices as well. 

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holiday weekend! 🙌🏻

January 21st, 2022 

Friday #accountabilitypost 🎉

I’m still trending down 1.8 pounds, does that count?! 🥴

Probably had a little too much fun enjoying my husbands birthday WEEKEND, but that’s okay. 🥳

I’m not planning any other fun meals until my daughters birthday in February, so we’ll see how it goes next week!

I think I’m scheduled around losing 10 pounds within the 12 weeks, so if I’m around three pounds down heading into February I’ll be happy. Still don’t feel deprived, still enjoying myself but jumping right back on track. That’s what this round is all about for me! 

January 28th, 2022 Friday #accountabilitypost 🎉

Shark week is done, husband’s birthday fun is done and we’re heading back down in the right direction. 💪🏻


Mentally I’m doing good, even without the exercising aspect… although it would be nice to have both of course. 😂

Continuing to meet myself where I’m at and celebrate success, even if it’s just three pounds. 🥳

How’s everyone else doing? Would love to cheer you on as well! 

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